Diary of a Real Payne: Book 2 Review

168260: #2 Church Camp Chaos #2 Church Camp Chaos
By Annie Tipton / Barbour PublishingIn this second book in the series, EJ is more than ready to be done with Ms. “Picky” Pickerington, CoraLee McCallister, and fourth grade in general. It’s EJ’s first summer to spend an entire week at Camp Christian: friends, swimming, bunk beds, games, campfires and more— and in classic EJ form, she dreams up even more fantastic adventures for herself . . .

The second book of the series and again it does not disappoint. For any kid who would like a Christian alternative to the Dork Diaries or Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books this would be it. It’s fun 168260and funny and I love how full of imagination EJ is throughout the story.

I love how the author, Annie, ties these stories into fun adventures but there are always lessons to learn as EJ finds out over and over again. EJ reminds me of my girls who have very vivid imaginations and if I could just see into their minds the way we can see into EJ’s I think there would be tons of adventures had.

I recommend these for your 8-12 year old kids.  So head on over to check out how to purchase this one by clicking on the link in the box above.

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